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About project

  • Genre: Edutainment web-series
  • Format: 3D CGI
  • Episode's length: 2 min 20 sec
  • Audience: ages 2 – 5
  • Authors: Larry Ochoa, Aurora Godoy
  • Production: Eiko Animation Studio

Mia, Koko and Bo is an animation project to provide entertainment and education for children in the age-range from 2 to 5.

Mia, Koko and Bo is an animated programme aims to foster in children positive values such as respect, empathy, kindness, friendship, tolerance, solidarity, responsability, etc. and introduces them in complex concepts such as social responsibility and teamwork.

The simple plot of each episode reflects the infantile spirit through its main characters, presenting joys but also disagreements, and a need to be resolved which in the end is carried out in a assertive manner thanks to the actions of the protagonists.


Mia, Koko and Bo is a web series for children that narrates the experiences of 3 little animals, Mia the kitten, Koko the red fox and Bo the piglet, who live in a quiet forest where they share situations, games and activities that allow them to learn about the world that surrounds them, strengthen their friendship, cultivate positive values and promote social responsibility.

Since all the characters communicate in their own languages, the story of each episode is developed through the sounds, gestures and reactions of the three friends.



Mia is a cute gray kitten. She is very sensitive and likes to share with his friends. She has a lot of imagination and a great temperament when something does not seem right.
Bo is a pink pig, affectionate and very quiet. He likes to eat a lot, he always follows his friends in the activities they do and helps them when they need him.
Koko is a red fox cub. He is a good friend, he is courageous and a little impatient. Koko sometimes finds it difficult to share. He has a pet, Chester, whom he cares for and with whom he also plays.
Chester is a small bicolor worm, Koko's pet. He likes to play, he is naughty and curious. He always moves his tail when he is happy.
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